Our Patents

US Patent 5,937,882

Umbrella with Side Support for Tilting and Opening (Offset Umbrella)

US Patent 7,604,015

Umbrella Having Structural Rib Configured to Receive Electrical Components and Associated Wiring

US Patent 9,470,413

Solar Powered Led Lighting System and a Umbrella Having the Same

US Patent 6,889,953

Umbrella Stand

US Patent 7,882,846

Umbrella with Dome Shape

US Patent 9,655,417

Sunshade Umbrella

US Patent 9,622,569

Compact Stand Folding Table

US Patent 7,533,679

Covering with Rib Lighting Arrangement

US Patent 8,104,492

Adjustable Offset Umbrella

US Patent 9,504,298

Automatic Tilt Mechanism and

an Umbrella Having the Same