Our Patents

US Patent 5,937,882 Umbrella with Side Support for Tilting and Opening (Offset umbrella)
US Patent 6,889,953 Umbrella Stand
US Patent 7,533,679 Covering with Rib Lighting Arrangement
US Patent 7,604,015 Umbrella Having Structural Rib Configured to Receive Electrical Components and Associated Wiring
US Patent 7,882,846 Umbrella with Dome Shape
US Patent 8,104,492 Adjustable Offset Umbrella

US Patent 9,470,413 Solar Powered Led Lighting System and a Umbrella having the same

US App. No. 61478290 (Patent Pending) Air Flow Umbrella Provisional Application (filed April, 2011)
US App. No. 13451721 (Patent Pending) Umbrella with Wind-Compliant Canopy Attachment (filed April, 2012)